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Scale your hiring team on the go as per your hiring demands.

  • Add or remove recruiters as per your hiring needs and demands.

  • Pause the service when you need to and switch it back on when hiring ramps up.

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Talent Management strategies to propel business growth.

  • Reimagine your talent strategy- From hire to retire with our proven capabilities.

  • We are not just a payroll company- Get tailored solutions and support for all your HR needs.

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We hire for any role, any skill at any time on your behalf.

  • Solve the hiring woes once and for all, across all job ranks, industries, roles and geographies.

  • Comprehensive solutions to cover all the workforce needs of your business.

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On the go hiring as in when demand grows.

  • A one-stop solution to fill in the business growing demands– growing quickly, under-resourced, or has an urgent vacancy that needs to be filled.

  • Hire a contractual workforce to fill in your business seasonal or part time demands.

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How an on demand recruiter is different from a contract recruiter?

  • Our on-demand recruiters are dedicated to your roles and can represent your company when speaking with candidates.

  • Get fully equipped recruiters or get them to work on the technology you use.

Candidate Sourcing & Engagement

✓ Placing job on job portals
✓ Candidate sourcing
✓ Initial candidate connect
✓ Candidate experience management
✓ Interview coordination

Assessment & Selection

✓ Shortlist quality candidates
✓ In-depth screening over phone calls
✓ Candidates assessment
✓ Interview support & management
✓ Or any other recruitment related tasks

Get a full-time employee without having to hire one

The recruiters will dedicatedly work for your company and your goals. Recruiters will follow your current hiring processes and strategy so there is no disruption to your talent program.

Pause and restart anytime

You can pause the service during months of no hiring and restart the service when you feel you have indefinite job roles to fill. Pause the service when you need to and switch it back on when hiring ramps up.

Scale your team on a month to month basis

You can engage a team of on-demand recruiters for as much time as you need with a choice to instantly disengage and an option to rehire should the need arise.

Our on-demand recruiter already comes equipped with all the recruitment tools

Our service is integrated with popular recruitment tools like an Applicant tracking system, LinkedIn, Glassdoor.com, Seek.com, CareerBuilder.com, and Naukri.com with our personal database of 1.5 Million+ candidates working across industries.

Optimize cost with our experienced recruiters

  • Zero incentives, appraisals, and training costs.

  • Only Fixed monthly charges as per demand.

  • Absolutely zero hidden cost.

Flexible plans according to your needs

  • No long term commitments.

  • A flexible monthly plan to add our team of domain-experts to your team when you need.

  • You can pause, stop, and restart the service according to your hiring needs.

Faster & effective way to hire

  • Specialized recruiters help connect you with the talent force faster.

  • Our personal database of 1.5 Million+ candidates working across industries makes the connection faster.

  • A turnaround time for sourcing profiles is as little as eight hours.

Get the right advice.

We can advise you on upgrading your current recruitment processes, optimizing your recruitment resources, leveraging the right tools for looking out for talent, and how to strengthen your talent pipeline.

Our Talent Management Services.

HR Strategy
HR Policies
Talent Acquisition
Compensation & Benefits
Rewards & Recognition
Learning & Development
Performance Management
HR Outsourcing
HR Transformation
HR Digitalization

Reimagining the new future of your HR.

  • We redesign your HR processes and policies– everything you would want to become a Great Place to Work.

  • Our mission is to become a pioneer and trusted advisory partner by providing high-quality talent management solutions and a strategy that inspires growth.

HR Accelerator

As a small-size business or a startup owner, you may find yourself putting off HR tasks – even though you know they’re incredibly important. We will guide you at each step of managing and leading your HR process to full potential.

HR Consulting

Our seasoned experts can consult you on designing the right HR strategy and processes in line with the best practices. Our specialists can assist and train your HR team to streamline their existing processes.

Digital Transformation

Ditch the traditional and ineffective HR practices. Automate your HR practices, and get people to work on smarter and useful tasks that matter– we’ll automate your HR department by following the highest security protocols.

Fast track your HR Transformation.

We combine the industry's leading data and insights with our unparalleled capabilities to offer solutions that deliver next level transformation. Get in touch with us to accelerate your journey to HR transformation.

Optimize cost and time.

  • Save your time and money on inefficient process and ineffective resources.

  • Reduced administrative burden and liabilities to lead your HR process. Let experts take the lead and make your job easy.

What to expect

  • Design a talent strategy that propels your business strategy and supports your vision and mission.

  • Tailored solutions that will deliver the highest returns and analyze the needs of your future workforce management.

  • We go beyond strategizing and act as the bridge between your strategy and its execution—drop off the worries of handling tedious tasks and let experts manage your end-to-end talent management activities.

  • A relentless focus on outcomes instead of processes.

Get the right advice.

We can advise you on everything – right from upgrading your current recruitment processes, optimizing your recruitment resources, leveraging the right tools for looking out for talent, and how to strengthen your talent pipeline.

How can we get your next hire?

1. Share your requirements - job role, skills, and preferred candidate profile.

2. Our experts will source some great candidate profiles utilizing our database of 1.5 Million+ along with cutting edge recruitment tools.

3. Our recruitment tools and unparalleled expertise will screen through each application to offer you, quality candidates.

4. Liked the candidates? Let us know your preferred day and time to set up the interview process. Don’t worry, we will make sure the process is seamless and experiential.

5. Our service doesn’t stop here- We will extend our support beyond hiring and ensure that the candidate is onboarded with your organization.

Tap into the right candidate pool.

  • We have been serving businesses like yours since 2006. We know the candidates market in & out.

  • With our market expertise, we know where and how to reach the ideal candidates — even the hard-to-find, passive and selective ones.

A hassle-free journey to hiring.

  • We will take the full-ownership– From the initial briefing to the offer and onboarding, saving your company's valuable time and money.

  • We partner with you to thoroughly understand your business and the traits of the perfect candidate.

Don’t let a wrong hire make a hole in your pockets.

  • Avoid making wrong hiring decisions and trust only the experts.

  • You can take advantage of our experience to filter out the wrong match right from the start.

Get the right advice.

We can advise you on everything– right from upgrading your current recruitment processes, optimizing your recruitment resources, leveraging the right tools for looking out for talent, and how to strengthen your talent pipeline.

Decoding supreme hiring experience with us.

  • Putting your business at the center of what we do: Understanding must-haves, nice-to-haves, company's culture, team dynamics, and what it takes to thrive in the role.

  • Get the job done in a hassle-free manner: We will provide you with the best available talent for your job as per your skills and business demands. Retain them until the job completion or engage them as long as you want.

  • Putting up a great candidate experience: We will go the extra mile to offer candidates an insider's view of the company's culture, values, mission, and overall work-life that will give them a true sense of what the future may hold for them with your company.

Flexibility: The new world of work

  • Control your variable workforce needs seamlessly and cost-effectively.

  • Immediate access to experienced professionals to fill in for absences, complete projects, or lend some much-needed specialized expertise.

  • Productivity from day one.

Optimize cost and time with our contractual staffing.

  • Save your time and money on incentives, appraisals, and training costs.

  • Reduced administrative burden and liabilities associated with permanent staffing.

A predictable choice for your unpredictable growth

  • Stay productive during these times of unexpected growth by making it possible to hire quickly.

  • A turnaround time for sourcing profiles is around 8 hours.

Get the right advice.

Not sure about your hiring requirements? We can advise you on every recruitment-related matter, for example, giving you direction identifying and acknowledging your hiring requirements. To help you identify the right staffing service and enable you to select the right talent–We are 100% committed to your business needs and growth.